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They also seem to be extremely unskilled, or at least extremely unwilling in housework, makes Akira the only one to do all the cooking and cleaning.(Kobayashi Ryūsuke 小林 龍佑) A high school student in CLAMP School's year 1, Z division.

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), published as Man of Many Faces in America, is a manga by CLAMP about a nine-year-old boy named Akira Ijyuin who steals beautiful and valuable objects to please his two mothers and is known to the public as the dashing, clever thief named the Man of 20 Faces.

Once they even attempt to help by arriving at the scene in disguise (as bunny girls); however, they only mess everything up and this results in angering Akira, though their sincere apology makes him unable to remain angry for very long.

They also seem to be playful, and make Akira clean up most of their mess.

Despite their very young age, they also struggle through any obstacles in order to reach the heart of one another, to strive for each other's love.

(Ijūin Akira 伊集院 玲) He is an elementary-school boy with a double life.

Although he is only nine years old at the beginning of the story, he has already attained great skill in disguise and thievery.

Our protagonist is the successor of the renowned thief 20 Faces, who was also Akira's father.Utako seems to be more mature than those at her age, even more mature than those older than her.She gets engaged with Akira at her 16th birthday and claims that his proposal is the best birthday present she ever had. The manga was published in English by TOKYOPOP, retaining its right to left format, but is now out of print. As demonstrated by a conversation between Nokoru and Suō which also takes place in School Detectives, while in Duklyon Akira and Utako appear to be the same age as in Man of Many Faces.After his father disappears, Akira takes his place and inherits the name 20 Faces.