Dating services available

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Dating services available - artsakank online dating

A: One key advantage is that you can have the peace of mind that you’ll only be meeting legitimate singles.

Rather than spending lunch with your colleagues, friends or even by yourself, you could use the same time to meet other single and like-minded professionals.We confirm a convenient date and time for you and your lunch partner.We cross-check your schedules, book the restaurant, and even call you up after the date to fine-tune your preferences and dating criteria.We are seeking to create the ultimate dating experience for our clients.A: Though we are confident in the quality of our matches, if you don’t like a particular date, you can cut your date short, and follow it up by calling your consultant and giving specific, constructive feedback.This includes searching our database, going through profiles and talking with colleagues to find the right match.

Each consultant’s selection is genuinely hand-picked based on our detailed knowledge of members.

An hour is also long enough for you to “explore” a person’s character in sufficient depth and decide if you wish to meet him/her for a second date. A: It’s the easiest, most convenient way to find someone with whom you’ll really connect.

We understand that due to the fast working pace, many professionals do not have time to meet people outside their existing social circle.

A: Our service is very different from the blind dates your friends arrange for you, because we hand pick your dates from the hundreds of singles in our membership base.

Your well-intentioned friends, on the other hand, tend to introduce you to people who are simply single and available, with little to no thought about whether the two of you suit each other. Whilst our service is very popular, we do turn down prospective clients if we think that we are unable to meet their expectations in terms of the people whom they would like to meet. The founder of Lunch Actually Violet Lim has been certified by the Matchmaking Institute in New York, an institute started by one of the most established modern-day matchmakers in US, Lisa Clampitt.

If you don’t have time for lunch on weekdays, we also organise weekend lunches and early evening lunch style dates!

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