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The Euro ’88 qualifiers turned out to be a disaster for Poland.

Sandecja miała jeszcze jedną okazję, ale strzał głową Dawida Szufryna minął bramkę strzeżoną przez Mateusza Kryczkę.

Wojciech Łazarek (on the left) while managing Lech Poznań in the early 1980s Before going any further, a bit of background is required.

The Polish national side in 1986 was certainly not in a good state.

After a bit of a discussion we worked out it was Tracksuit manager – and the song I had sung about Dziekanowski was to the tune of ‘ ********** It was relatively easy to find and download the game – I quickly discovered there’s a whole raft of old console emulators out there, and games that take up a very small amount of space on computers and hand-held devices. The first thing you notice when playing the game is the outlandish colour scheme – staring at the screen with these colours glaring out at you for too long has the potential to lead to migraines. I decided to make the game as realistic as I could by calling myself the coach of Poland’s Euro ’88 qualifiers squad, Wojciech Łazarek, and entering players from that side via wikipedia – the wonderful resource that certainly wasn’t available back in 1990.

Entering the players was a pretty time-consuming process, but after half an hour or so I finally could properly play the game.

In fact, didn’t I have a song about him that I used to joyfully sing as he scored goal after goal?

Intrigued by these memories I got in touch with my brother and asked him what the game was.

********** Fast forward 25 years and, writing about Polish football, I bought and started to read the biography of the former Polish football star Dariusz ‘Jackie’ Dziekanowski.

As I was reading a memory struck me full in the face, didn’t I, way back in the day, once play as Poland and Dziekanowski in an old football game?

While it’s true that the latter two were still with the national team in 1986, they were approaching the end of their careers.

In addition to the weakened player pool, Polish football was organisationally and financially falling behind the rest of Europe.

This was how Smolarek remembered the latter game: ‘Łazarek wasn’t able to make the players believe they could achieve good results. It was a little like the charge of the Polish cavalry in the second world war – swords against tanks.

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