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EST Monday: Unconfirmed report of a waterspout seen from Franklin County, Fla.It was unclear whether or not the waterspout moved onshore as a tornado. p.m.

EST Monday: 4.28 inches of rain recorded in Decatur County, Ga., since midnight. EST Monday: Accu Weather meteorologists are watching the storms west of Jacksonville, Fla., for potential tornadoes. a.m.

Portions of Georgia and Florida are being rattled by locally severe thunderstorms capable of producing large hail and damaging winds.

Flooding downpours will be another threat associated with the thunderstorms.

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EST Monday: Springhill, La., is reporting 1-inch hail. p.m. EST, quarter-sized hail hammered an area 8 miles east of Mena, Ark.

A house was struck by lightning 1 mile northeast of Mena, Ark. p.m.

EST Monday: Anywhere from 6-12 inches of rainfall has been reported across the Florida Panhandle, southern Alabama and Georgia since Friday. p.m.

EST Monday: A possible tornado damaged vehicles and downed power lines near East Houma, Louisiana. p.m.

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