Macintosh dating script

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Macintosh dating script - principal forbid interracial dating

Here are some further explanations on this, credit to for this information.

Hi, I was on your site recently and was wondering if you could assist me with this problem.when it encounters a field which contains a null value.Basically, it puts in a default value so that the import can continue.Restart the FTP server by right clicking on FTP, stop, wait a couple of minutes, then right click again and click Start.Now, if you FTP from the Unix side to the AS/400 (an IFS file), you don't need to specify EBCDIC as the type.Transferring the other way, it strips the carriage return.

Transferring from UNIX to a Mac, it converts the linefeeds to carriage returns.

Everything seems to work fine as far as the transfer of data, however when I look at the file which I am receiving from, the carriage returns appear to have been ignore and all records have been concatenated into one long record.

I have tried issuing a I have tried defining the receiving file with the exact record length, but this has only allowed the first record to transmit and truncates any others.

n this page, you will find a quick reference for all the different messages & questions I have received over the Internet after writing this article.

Most of the questions are related to FTP techniques on the AS/400.

Do you have any intuition as to what I may be able to do to correct this? This is the answer, which Sylvan found by himself: The original file did contain carriage returns but no line feeds. The record structure was not carried to the AS/400 file.