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This is peak season for scams - Credit -- If you received gift cards you’re unlikely to use, be careful if you try to sell or cash them online. (See Asking for a credit-limit increase)Remove authorized users before filing for bankruptcy - Credit -- When things start to go south, immediately remove any authorized users to prevent bad credit marks from showing on their credit reports. (See Authorized users)Using points for a ski resort vacation -- You can get a tremendous return on using points for on-mountain hotels during ski season. (See Using rewards for ski vacation)Tips from finance experts: 'If you only do one thing, do this' -- Overwhelmed by your finance goals? adults with debt doubt they'll ever live debt-free - Credit -- Among those who owe on credit cards, 31 million think that debt will be a companion the rest of their lives. (See Debt-free survey)Rate survey: Average card APR remains at record high of 16.32 percent - Credit -- Jan. podcast: Running a successful one-person business - Credit -- Financial journalist and author Elaine Pofeldt describes the difference between a $1 million, one-person business and one that is just getting by ...Other options include gift card exchanges, a new app, Target stores, kiosks and donating card to charity. (See How to avoid gift card scams)When is the right time to ask for a credit-limit increase? Experts give specific tips on how to ensure you improve your finances this year ... 10, 2018: The average credit card APR held steady at 16.32 percent this week, according to the Credit Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. (See Rate report)Chargeback rules for undelivered purchases - Credit -- Two federal laws protect consumers from being charged for items that never arrive as promised. (See Podcast with Elaine Pofeldt)Limits on category bonuses - Credit -- If you're planning on spending a lot on a card in a certain category, make sure you know the limit to what you can earn so you can maximize your rewards ... - Credit -- The Citi Double Cash and Chase Freedom cards both offer generous cash back on everyday purchases, like gas and groceries. (See Cash back)Fed: Consumers set all-time revolving debt record in November - Credit -- Card balances surged to an all-time high in November, according to the Federal Reserve ...

(See Books, movies about personal finance)Best credit cards for extended warranties -- Before you buy an expensive item, check out what kind of extended warranty your credit card offers and choose the one with the best coverage ...For scoring purposes, it's the date it was filed what counts. (See Bankruptcy discharge and credit score)Rate survey: Average card APR climbs to record high of 16.32 percent -- Jan. podcast: Making your financial goals stick - Credit -- If you've made a resolution to get your finances and credit under control this year, there are some key strategies to making those goals stick and making this your best year ever ... podcast on financial goals)Should you use card rewards to pay down debt?3, 2018: The average credit card APR shot up again this week after multiple lenders hiked rates, according to the Credit Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. - Credit -- If you’re sitting on a pile of rewards and you have card debt, it’s a good idea to at least seriously consider redeeming them for cash ...(See Plain vanilla cards)Millennials opening credit cards for holiday spending -- The percentage of older millennials, age 25-34, saying they’ll open a new credit card to help with holiday spending is 22 percent, Experian finds. If you're not sure the recipient's availability to travel, an airline or hotel gift card offers flexibility. (See How to give the gift of travel)5 steps to get your rewards in order for the new year -- By getting your rewards in order and organized you can start the new year with travel goals and a clear deck of cards you use ...(See New Year card review)3 major mobile payment security risks, and how to avoid them -- Experts say mobile payments are safer than physical cards and cash, but they aren't hacker-proof ...Currently, most late payment notices are sent via email or U. - Credit -- A credit limit increase on your credit card may improve your credit score, as it may reduce the amount you borrow versus your total available credit. (See Credit limit increase)Maximize credit card rewards miles redemption with partner airlines - Credit -- On most award charts you will find "sweet spots" where a particular award is priced very competitively and offers a better value. (See Partner airlines)Redeeming miles for gift cards: Usually, you lose -- To get the most value for hard-earned airline miles, it's usually best to use them for what they were designed for: travel. (See Redeeming miles for gift cards)Why you shouldn't lend out your debit card to a friend - Credit -- If your card is lost, misused or anything else goes wrong, your finances and good name can suffer. (See Lending out debit card)Trump appointee can stay in charge of CFPB, for now - Credit -- Trump-appointee Mick Mulvaney will remain in charge of CFPB for now, after court offered no ruling in battle over the consumer protection agency. (See Legal battle over CFPB)Texas law lets merchants ask cardholders to show ID - Credit -- A new Texas law lets merchants ask a customer paying with a credit or debit card for a government-issued photo ID to prove his or her identity. (See Texas cardholders may be asked to show ID)Buying gift cards with credit cards is now easier - Credit -- EMV chip card readers have cut retailers' risk from fraudsters using counterfeit cards to buy gift cards. - Credit -- The Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire Preferred cards have both earned high praise from savvy rewards hunters. 20, 2017: Propelled by a Fed rate increase, the average credit card interest rate jumped to a new record high this week, according to the Credit's weekly survey of new card offers. (See Rate Report)Can I clear charged-off debt from my credit reports?

As a result there are fewer restrictions on gift card purchases. (See Buying gift cards with credit cards)Learn from rewards cards' 2017 trends, changes -- Review the credit card changes that happened in 2017 to prepare for 2018 ... -- Until the account ages off your credit report, make the most of this time by adding positive information to your credit files. (See Charged-off debt)Gas pump and ATM skimmers: How to spot them -- How can you spot card skimmers? podcast: Making sense out of your dollars -- How your emotions dictate your spending and how you can start thinking more rationally about where you put your dollars ... podcast)Best low interest credit cards of 2018 | Credit -- See what our credit cards experts have to say about the three best low-interest cards. (See Best low-interest card)Balance Transfer Survey -- Our research finds balance transfers remain generous, even in a rising-rate environment, as card issuers hesitate to hike fees or trim introductory offers. (See Balance transfer survey)What to do with a defunct Citi Hilton card?

(See Debt-free dreams)Is bankruptcy discharge a credit scoring factor?

- Credit -- Expect no change on your credit score when bankruptcy's discharged.

- Credit -- Considering asking for a credit-limit increase just a few months after opening a card? (See One thing this year)Average credit scores continue climbing, despite rising debt - Credit -- U. consumers managed to improve their credit scores overall in 2017, despite rising levels of debt, according to a study by Experian ... (See Category bonus limits)First-time fraud victims likely to be hit again - Credit -- With reload scams and sucker lists, some first-time fraud victims are fleeced over and over. (See Repeat fraud victims)Infographic: Gen X most anxious about retirement - Credit -- Americans age 37-51 have the least confidence they will have enough money to last their lifetimes ... But instead of choosing between the two, you may be better off with both. (See G.19 report)Credit rules for new widows - Credit -- Credit cards pose unique risks for women who have lost a spouse ... I used the company card for personal expenses by mistake - Credit -- What to do if you use your corporate credit card for a personal expense ...

(See Experian's State of Credit study)Judge lets Trump appointee remain as CFPB head - Credit -- A federal judge rules against a challenge that said Mick Mulvaney's appointment as acting director undermines the consumer protection bureau's independence. (See Legal battle over CFPB)To maximize airline travel points, fly off-peak - Credit -- If you can learn to like traveling when others are not, you have the best chance of snagging an empty seat at a great rate ... (See Pay-for-delete and credit score)Product return assistance: a disappearing perk -- Credit card return assistance programs extend the window for refunds on products you've bought with the card. (See Corporate credit card)Two 'safe' ways to build credit using cards - Credit -- The right credit card can help you build strong credit. (See True tales of card fraud victims who fought back)Card surcharge ban laws take another blow - Credit -- State laws that stop merchants from charging you extra when you use a credit card took another blow this week from a California appeals court ruling. (See Credit card surcharges)How to earn extra points with Amazon - Credit -- If you're a fan of Amazon, don't let all that spending go to waste.

(See Mobile payments)Infographic: Mobile payment use bounces up, down -- The use of mobile payments by consumers who have a compatible smartphone and a credit card has yo-yoed between 25 and 30 percent over the last year and a half, according to Auriemma Consulting Group. (See Mobile pay adoption)Adding paid-off credit account to my report; is it worth it?

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