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Before and after treatment, sound-evoked brain oxygenation in temporal areas was measured with f NIRS.

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Despite moderate spatial and depth resolution, the big advantages of f NIRS over f MRI are the silent and upright measurement setting, mobility, handiness, little movement artifacts, and high temporal resolution [30].

Chronic tinnitus is a highly prevalent condition (5–15%) [1] with no available effective therapy to cure this condition, that is, to turn off the tinnitus.

Today, it is evident that chronic tinnitus is related to excitatory-inhibitory dysbalance of neural activity with increased spontaneous activity along the auditory pathway [2, 3].

Neurophysiological and neuroimaging data might represent a more objective and reliable index of the treatment response than subjective ratings.

EEG [25] and MEG [26] resting state and auditory evoked f MRI and EEG [27] measures were associated with r TMS treatment effects.

Particularly in tinnitus, it is of high relevance to have as little machine noise as possible due to interaction effects with auditory cortical activity.

The aim of the present study was to probe the capability of f NIRS as a potential indicator for tinnitus-related activity in the auditory cortex.For this aim we contrasted brain oxygenation of patients with chronic tinnitus and healthy controls and before and after treatment with r TMS over the left auditory cortex.We expect that sound-evoked activity is increased in chronic tinnitus and that hyperactivity can be decreased by c TBS.In most cases longitudinal designs with modulation of the perception of tinnitus by lidocaine injection or somatic manoeuvres were used.A recent meta-analysis affirmed increased activity in the left primary auditory cortex and showed also increased activity in bilateral auditory cortex [10].Otologic assessment included micro-otoscopy, pure-tone audiometry, tympanometry, and stapedius reflex measurement to verify normal middle ear function.

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    The scientific method fails to yield an accurate representation of the world, not because of the method, but because of those who are attempting to apply it.