Updating brass lamps

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Updating brass lamps - Inden sex cm

Therefore I had to use a retro trim kit for the actual hardware and splash guard and used a new faucet set for the handle, spout, and showerhead. Let me introduce you to my new best friend: It was nasty, originally brass, but the shellac had come off and it was discolored and peeling.

The finish you see in the photo is an iron one – winter gold is a blend of gold and silver (some call it champagne), and it will work beautifully with the existing hardware in her home.Spending a pop for roughly the same fixture just did not appeal to me. As I stood in the lighting section trying to figure out what to do, fate stepped in when a man walked by with a can of spray paint. And then it occurred to me I could probably save myself some serious dough if I just spray painted the brass fixtures instead of buying new ones. One of the projects at the top of my list this month was to replace the outdated brass light fixtures in Monkey Boy’s bedroom and my craft room.Maybe brass fixtures were all the rage when this house was built 20 years ago, but let me tell you Bob, they are just not my style.First I headed to Walmart for my light bulbs and spray paint. We shortened the chain and wire when hanging it back up. This is literally a scrap of fabric and some hot glue.

No one is going to be climbing up there to critique your workmanship.

For example check out this lovely bathroom combination of brass switchplates, faucet, vanity lighting, mirror and medicine cabinet, (plus, of course, lovely golden oak!

)This was really a nightmare because the valve which supports the shower handle would only accept Price Pfister faucets manufactured before 1994. Option 3: Repaint This is the cheapest option (other than remove) and although it isn't as nice as having new fixtures, it is pretty darn close.

So I broke out some spray paint on it over the long weekend. I have used this same painting method on some fixtures in my bathroom over a year ago. I would recommend at least over night…longer if you can wait. Y’all be sure to bookmark this tutorial on how to spray paint your light fixtures!

So I know the method works plus it stays put and looks great for the long haul. Then hang it back up and ooooh and aaaaah over your great new finish.

The finish looks like this: While gold finishes are trending, they are a bit different than the cheap gold finishes we saw 1970 through 1990.