Wildest dating show moments youtube

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Then, when in the movie theatre, she kicks off her shoes and struggles later to retrieve them.She kicked one under the seat in front of her, and very good shots of her searching for it using her foot, she even mistakenly brushes her foot on the shoe of another patron.

SS Hell Camp (La Bestia in Calore): 1977 Italian Nazi exploitation movie has Brigitte Skay's character remove a shoe to battle guys who threathened her.The Ravishing Idiot (Une Ravissante Idiote): This 1964 movie starts with Brigitte Bardot having lunch at restaurant.Anthony Perkins' character is infatuated with her and sees her remove one shoe as she eats. Anthony Perkins' characterchases the dog, finally getting the shoe, but it is covered with food.Story and captions contributed by "feeture feature"; youtube link by bean zip".One Touch of Venus (1948): Olga San Juans character has afight with her boyfriend and throws a shoe at him but hits the wrong guy.The womeneach to remove one shoe, the shoes are placed in the center, the men dash to the shoes and pick up one.

Whoever they match is their partner for the next dance and supper.

She finds a pair of high heel stilletos and and goes to a movie with him.

You see her change into one of the shoes before she goes out.

He is walking so quickly that she has to half-run tokeep up with him. You see the wife trying to hop along to keep her foot off the grass then she just runs along in one shoe.

A man in the crowd that follows picks up the shoe and runs after them.

The Joker picks hershoe up and throws it away after kissing it.

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